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The rapid growth of the recycling sectors

Despite the crisis of recent years, companies operating in the recycling sector continue to show positive signs of growth. The number of companies oriented to the” green “and the sale of scrap has increased by 10% that of employees by 13% and almost all the actors, precisely the 94 %, carry out recovery activities.” Those who work in scrap trade undoubtedly contribute to reducing the environmental impact of waste

The world of recycling and recovery

These depends to a large extent on the companies involved in searching, collecting, cleaning, separating and selling scrap metal so that they can be re used and re introduced into the production chain. Who operates in the metal scrap recycling business, no doubt contributes to reducing the environmental impact of waste, even with the aim of making an economic profit. To know more about famous for used scrap metals, seek help online.

It is then necessary to plan and coordinate the various regions

The production of waste materials, in fact, in the last 5 years, is increasing by 9.5%, thanks to the improvement in the quality of the collection with consequent greater availability of inputs for the recycling industry and potential growth of the secondary materials market.

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